Meeting #BillyWhizz

LimbPower Juniors were thrilled to receive an invitation from Billy Monger to join him at EuroFormula Open Series at Silverstone racetrack in September

Eight LimbPower Juniors were able to attend on the day, with their parents and siblings. Billy and his family were so welcoming and had arranged for us to be hosted at the British Racing Club headquarters. We were welcomed by Billy’s parents and they had arranged for us to have a tour of the British Racing club followed by morning refreshments – which surpassed our expectations! Billy completed his warm-up which we were able to watch from the balcony at the British Racing Club and on the screen inside the club. 

Billy came to meet the children and chatted to them and was more than happy to sign autographs and pose for a few selfies. The LimbPower Junior group were then invited to view Billy’s car and meet his extensive team. 

Ollie Bauert and Billy Monger

“A day I will never forget, mainly because I got to meet many extraordinary children and their families and maybe because I got to meet the man the myth and the legend: Billy Monger!! (I may have a crush on him) After being treated like royalty when we first got there and being given a tour of the racing club and being gifted with amazing snacks we finally got to meet the man we were all waiting for…… Billy Monger!!!! 

Billy was so nice and chatted to every single person, he listened to everyone’s experience and what they had to say, and he was amazed at how many extraordinary people he was around that were like him.” – Jorja Furze – LimbPower Junior amputee 

Everyone watched the race, along with Billy’s mum – who hadn’t watched a race since Billy had his accident which resulted in Billy becoming an amputee! We were able to see yet again the strength that LimbPower Junior parents can give to each other. 

It was with great excitement that we all saw Billy come third and win a place on the coveted podium. As a very personal finale Billy shared ‘the leggy’ with his latest fans. This involved Billy drinking his celebratory champagne from his prosthetic leg – I know the adults amongst you will be grimacing – but the children loved it and felt that Billy really identified with them. 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Billy Monger, his family and the British Racing Club, for their hospitality, kindness and the fabulous #BillyWhizz T-shirts