Top Tips for Supporting your Child with their Social Skills

During several Family Focus groups we picked up on these top tips to help support your child’s social network

Online: Social media is a great way for you and your children to make new friends with similar conditions. However, make sure the online activity of your child is supervised. If your child does receive any negative comments you can speak to the other child’s parents, the school or in serious cases speak to the police. 

Be upfront: Encourage your child to be upfront and honest. Set an example by speaking to other parents/people. Mention your child’s limb difference if your child is happy with that. People will look and sometimes make comments, help your child to have the right tools to cope with that. Help them to be proud of their prosthetic limb!

Invite your child’s friends to your house first: Don’t wait for other parents or children to make the move, they may be concerned about your child’s condition and imagine your child needs far more supervision than is necessary. 

Invite friends to events: Come to the Limbpower Junior Games especially if you child does not have any siblings.

Don’t be the fun police: If your child wants to try something new then don’t stop them. They will want to do things with their friends and it is important that they are included as much as possible – they may surprise you!

Help your child meet peers: Attending events such as the LimbPower Junior Games will help your child meet other children with limb difference. 

Don’t force your child: If they are not ready to socialise. Let them set the pace, they will let you know when they are ready to join in. Even attending events will help your child to see what other children are capable of.

Limb bag:  Make sure your child is prepared for days out and sleep overs with everything they need. It is sometimes useful to have all the information written down for a parent to read (Usual Limb Bag stuff)

Don’t forget about yourself: Make friends with families who have a child with limb difference.

Pets: Make a great friend at home or a really good reason to be out and about.

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