Ambionics – One Dad’s Solution

Sol Ryan tragically lost his left arm following an accident at birth. What his father did next caught the world’s attention and is now disrupting the entire prosthetics industry. Using his knowledge of developmental psychology Ben Ryan left his teaching career behind and founded a non-profit company

Ambionics say “Before you begin this journey with your own child please try to keep in mind that this is a process and not just a product. It would be lovely if each child who was given an arm just wore it everyday without the need for any encouragement. The reality is that it requires daily effort from the parents at the beginning. It is much more difficult to rehabilitate a child who has spent many years without a prosthetic than it is if you get it right at the very start.”

“In our experience if the child has never worn a device before and is older than four years of age then the most that you can expect is 10 to 15 minutes of use per day to start with. This takes patience. It will feel heavy and awkward at first because the muscles have never had to work before. The skin too can feel tender even with a prosthetic sock. If this sounds like your own situation then do not lose hope. Some older children do wear devices right away and some never take them off again! Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone – we have a growing community here to help you get it right.”